About us

Why do we exist?

Because we want simulation centers to be exceptionally good and people happy at work. But above all, to help create an effective simulation in which both the student and the entire staff are involved. We want to set and apply new standards for the operation of simulation centers wanting to trigger the phenomenon of diffusion.

What are we striving for?

We want to use the full potential of the simulation centers and provide tools for effective, pleasant and satisfying work. After more than a decade of working in the field of education and medical simulation and observing the processes that accompanied it, we realized that many of the prevailing processes and concepts need to be rebuilt, because the energy and commitment of people are wasted on unnecessary activities. This has a direct and negative impact on the final result of the education process and the level of job satisfaction by the staff.

How do we want to achieve this?

With our solutions, we want to set higher standards of work in simulation centers and improve the quality of classes using medical simulation and through staff training sessions, we strive to increase awareness of the potential of simulation centers and the opportunities they create.

2022 In Situ Medcam Team

The Medcam system was created based on the values that our team follows:


An unconventional approach and innovative solutions are the Medcam team’s domain – both in the creation of the system and in the implementation works. This can be best observed by looking at our adaptation and development works of audio-video systems and comparing Medcam system functionality with other solutions on the market..


All solutions we implemented are thoroughly thought out, proven and, above all, effective. We do not offer untested solutions, nor those that may be problematic for users.


Our team creates a unique product, and we draw the motivation from our customers by observing how the implemented system functionalities work in everyday use, improving the quality and comfort of users’ work. We value user feedback, as every fully satisfied customer is a great source of our own satisfaction and a motivation to continuous progress and meeting high expectations.

The summary and leading value in our systems is SIMPLICITY OF USE. All solutions are easy and very intuitive for any group of users working with the Medcam system.