The modern education model in Poland and in the European Union assumes the training of future graduates of medical faculties and other medical professions based on learning outcomes in the field of knowledge, skills and social competences. Text-based learning or gaining knowledge in the form of lectures or presentations is less effective than through observation and active participation. The direct involvement of the student in carrying out practical activities brings much better results. To conclude, the effectiveness of teaching depends directly on the form of education chosen.

The highest effect of learning is achieved in a high-fidelity simulation, where the educator conducts debriefing after each completed scenario. Debriefing is a post-simulation session in which the trainer and students analyze the simulation experience in order to assimilate knowledge and prepare better for future situations. Debriefing should foster the development of clinical evaluation and build critical thinking skills.

To carry out a high-fidelity simulation scenario in close-to-future workplace conditions, appropriate laboratory equipment is needed, including but not limited to simulators, phantoms and medical equipment. The medical simulation instructor, using an audio-video recording software, controls the simulation session and marks important events on the recording timeline. This functionality gives the instructor a unique opportunity to return to key moments in the recording during debriefing.

The Medcam system allows full control of the high-fidelity simulation session – and even more, because the system allows their users to order an examination as well as to create and view their own scenario documentation. What is more, session participants can re-view or edit entire documentation of the simulation session, creating new opportunities for case analysis and discussion.

Medcam is not only a system for debriefing and conducting OSCE exams – it is primarily a tool for creating high-quality education. Our goal is not only to equip simulation centers with the most innovative and intuitive system. In discussions with our clients, we place great emphasis on the inestimable value of staff training at every level. Only appropriate knowledge, awareness of the entire learning process and a set of skills necessary to organize, prepare and conduct simulation classes guarantee the success of the entire undertaking.

That’s why we support simulation centers not only with our technical and technological knowledge, but also train staff in the management of simulation centers and prepare instructors and technicians to work in simulation conditions.