In Situ

The highest degree of medical simulation is the one at the job site. Working in a team with the use of real equipment gives the best learning outcomes in real conditions.

Symulację In situ simulation is defined as follows: “Taking place in the actual patient care setting/environment in an effort to achieve a high level of fidelity and realism; this training is particularly suitable for difficult work environments, due to space constraints or noise” (M. Czekajlo, A. Dąbrowska, In situ simulation of cardiac arrest. Disaster Emerg Med J 2017; 2(3): 116–119; oryg.: Lopreiato JO, Downing D, Gammon W. Healthcare Simulation Dictionary. 2016. Retrieved from

In situ simulation typically refers to a specific staff workplace, such as a  department or clinic. This form of training may be performed with the use of actual equipment of a given institution or additionally with the use of simulation equipment. In situ not only causes more intense reflections among the participants of the training, but also allows to highlight the weaker points of work organization.

To enable personnel training using this method, we offer the possibility of implementing the Medcam system in simulation laboratories (simulation center rooms) and in the workplace (e.g. in a hospital ward). We offer the system both in a stationary or mobile versions.

What opportunities Medcam can bring for In Situ?

  • Improved quality of training
  • On-line transmission
  • Separate live view panel for larger groups
  • The ability to capture images from devices and cameras included in the basic equipment of individual units (e.g. the operating theatre)
  • Debriefing and in-depth case studies with a discussion of the most important parts of the recording