Medcam PRO

Medcam PRO®is a comprehensive management system for the Medical Simulation Center (MSC). The system was created based on many years of experience of people managing both small and large MSCs.

Medcam PRO is a modern resource management tool that introduces new standards and optimizes the work of MSC in every area of its operation.

The system has different access levels for individual groups of employees. It allows information to be managed in a manner related to the scope of the employee’s duties.

Modules that make up Medcam PRO:

  • Scenarios
  • Assessment cards
  • Requests
  • Schedule
  • Equipment
  • Distribution of disposable supplies
  • Reports
  • Settings

Why is it worth implementing Medcam PRO?


  • Breakdown of the type of equipment in the system, considering the individual characteristics of the product
  • Ability to add files (e.g., hardware datasheets), inspection dates and other relevant information
  • Easily search resources and search for specific equipment
  • Ability to generate a register of equipment located in MSC warehouses
  • Real-time tracking of disposable supplies
  • Full control over the demand for classes
  • Automatically created schedule
  • Based on the requirements sent by the simulation instructors


  • Standardization of the template of submitted scenarios and assessment cards
  • Scenarios and assessment cards always up-to-date
  • Possibility to submit a request including all the information required to organize and conduct classes
  • Ability to share scenarios and assessment cards with other users of the department or globally – with all Medcam PRO users
  • Creation a schedule of classes based on submitted requisitions
  • Permanent access to the schedule with the ability to search for specific records
  • Ability to use Medcam PRO from anywhere, e.g., from home.


  • Possibility of any configuration of your Department
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of user accounts with different level of authorization
  • Options to add teaching labs, warehouses, subjects of studies, etc.
  • Ability to configure the rules of reported demand by simulation instructors
  • Possibility to generate reports divided into faculties, subjects taught, teachers, scenarios


  • Introduction of new standards and improvement of the quality of work in MSC
  • Standardization of documentation and the method of reporting and preparing classes
  • All files and information are in one place, available 24 hours a day for all users from a given department, to the extent corresponding to the rights held
  • No need for additional software
  • Real control over the use of equipment and disposable supplies in MSC
  • Ability to conduct analyzes and optimize the use of human, equipment and material resources based on generated reports
  • Real control over disposable materials at the MSC
  • Time savings of simulation technicians and instructors when entering scenarios and assessment cards into the Medcam PRO system – once entered they are always at hand
  • Reduction of administrative and technical work hours required to manage MSC
  • Increased efficiency and the ability to manage unused resources of the MSC
  • Full control of the MSC management over the work of the entity
  • Ability to use other scenarios and assessment cards provided by other Medcam PRO users
  • Full integrity of scenarios and assessment cards between Medcam and Medcam PRO systems