Simulation centers

Medical Simulation Centers (MSC) are the best place to conduct pre-hospital education. This is confirmed by both subjective observations of students and academic teachers, as well as scientific research conducted in this field.
Students implementing simulation scenarios in Simulation Centers have a chance to encounter, among others, with very rare clinical cases. What’s more, every student has the unique opportunity to participate in such a scenario and acquire new practical skills, which in clinical real-life conditions is rare of even impossible. Taking the principles of simulation education into account and the equipment that medical simulation centers currently have at their disposal, the high effectiveness of education in simulated conditions seems to be the right solution.


Our proven solutions allow you to easily and effectively adopt and expand any audio-video debriefing system already implemented in your simulation center or create a completely new one. Changing the audio-video system to Medcam means new functionalities and plenty of opportunities in the teaching process – both for instructors, technicians and students, including OSCE examination.

When deciding on the Medcam system, you also get the support of our specialists in the following areas: 

•   designing a simulation lab or the entire Simulation Center,

•   room preparation for conducting OSCE examinations,

•   planning development and defining possible threats during the implementation of the system,

•   selection of appropriate equipment and fitting,

•    comprehensive implementation of the Medcam system,

•    training the staff of instructors and simulation technicians in the field of high-fidelity simulation and the OSCE exams implementation.

On top of that, you can rely on our technical and technological support and expertise at every stage of implementation.

The Medcam system is scalable, which enables easy expansion with new simulation stations, while maintaining the full functionality of the system for each station. The scale is not an issue, whether it is a small simulation lab or large, multi-profile simulation center.

The heart of each Simulation Center is its staff: technicians and instructors as well as management and the administrative department. Every day, a large stream of data flows through the simulation center, including simulation scenarios, checklists, demand for classes and exams, equipment, disposable materials, standardized patients etc. Vast part of this data is modified and updated on a regular and frequent basis.

We offer solutions that support staff communication at a high level. This is made possible by the collection and systematization of all data in one place, available 24 hours a day, which allows you to save time and reduce or even avoid misinformation and misunderstandings between employees and, as a result, improve work efficiency in general.
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