Medcam® is an intuitive system for debriefing and OSCE exams, created on the basis of the latest technologies and the knowledge and experience of management staff, technicians and medical simulation instructors. Medcam is not only an audio-video recording based debriefing system. It is also a comprehensive tool for administering scenarios, assessment cards or exams.

So once you try to work with Medcam, you will never agree to less.


  • Recording, playback, live transmission of current sessions
  • Two-way audio communication with any room included in the system
  • Possibility to play special sound effects in simulation rooms
  • Create high-fidelity sessions based on scenariosCreate OSCE exam sessions with assigned checklists
  • Student panel allowing for displaying the scenario and bi-directional exchange of scenario documentation
  • Possibility to order examination and create own documentation by the student
  • Integration with high-fidelity simulators from renowned global producers
  • Image capture from patient’s virtual monitors and other image sources, such as a cardiac monitor
  • Compatibility with Medcam PRO system for MSC management.


  • It will introduce high standards and better quality of work in MSC
  • It will standardize documentation and evaluation cards
  • Access to all files and information in one place will be maintained even in the absence of other employees
  • There will be no need to use additional software – all in one place
  • It will enable the analysis of the results of OSCE exams
  • It will save a lot of time for technicians and instructors when entering scenarios and assessment cards into the Medcam system – once entered they will be at hand at all time
  • Scenarios and assessment cards will be fully integrated between Medcam and Medcam PRO systems.

Advantages of working with Medcam

For Administrator

  • Possibility of any configuration of image and audio sources in the system
  • Possibility to expand the system with additional stations
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of user accounts with different levels of access rights, including teacher and student accounts
  • Ability to import the student database
  • Ability to create and store scenarios and assessment cards
  • Ability to configure rules for exams and student assessment
  • Ability to generate reports after OSCE exams or classes.

For Teacher

  • Standardization of the model of scenarios and assessment cards in the system
  • Ability to select tags and add comments
  • Possibility to evaluate a student with the use of the assessment card
  • Automatic scoring from a checklist and issuing a grade by the system based on previously adopted criteria
  • Possibility of automatic student assessment during the OSCE exam considering any number of stations
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Possibility to send examinations or documents to the student during the session
  • Possibility for students to use the Student’s Panel during debriefing.

For Technician

  • No need to install software on your computer – web browser-based access
  • No need to update each control station
  • The system is based on a central server and works equally on all workstations
  • Access via web browser
  • Scenarios, assessment cards and additional documentation are stored on a central server, which organizes and facilitates database management
  • Each computer and room can be used as a control room for a simulation or examination session
  • Automatic assignment of students to examination stations
  • Ability to record all labs at one time.

For Student

  • Student panel – individual student accounts enabling easy identification and simple login
  • Ability to report readiness to a specific OSCE station
  • Displaying station time during the exam gives full control over task scheduling at the appointed time
  • View session information along with scenario documentation – all at hand
  • The ability to create your own documentation which extends the possibilities of operation
  • Possibility to order tests and get an immediate response from the teacher
  • Possibility to use the Student’s Panel during debriefing.